Tips on How to Study for an English Exam

Students have different interest levels when it comes to the English subject. For some students it would be very easy for them to study for an English exam but others would also find it quite challenging. Remember to take good notes and review your lessons weekly so that it would be very easy for you when the final exams come in.

You should have a good reading habit so that you can review effectively for an English exam. The english subject involves a lot of reading so you better start your review by reading the materials given to you by your teacher.

While reading the materials, you can ask yourself what questions your teacher might ask in the exam. Start from the basic questions such as the outline and the characters of the story or materials you are reading. You can write down whatever questions that you came up with and answer them accordingly.

In any subject, it is always a good idea to listen to anything the teacher says about your reading materials. He might drop a hint or say something important which he or she would include in the exam. A good teacher always want to find out if you really understand the reading material given to you.

Do not forget to study the important quotes found in the book. Find out who said this quote and what it means.

Every story has a key event and important characters. Study these key events and know the characters that were involved in the important events of the story. Describe all the important characters and enumerate their traits, motivations and personality.

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