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White Fang By Jack London

Bill and Henry and their team of sled dogs are being stalked by a pack of starving wolves. Over several days, the dogs are eaten, and Bill is killed. Just as Henry, hiding in a ring of coals from his fire in a last desperate attempt to keep the wolves at bay, is about to die, he is found and rescued. The pack, robbed of its last prey, manages to bring down a large moose and their famine is ended: they go their separate ways.

Kiche, a half-wolf that has been traveling with the pack for some time, takes her mate One-Eye to a river where she gives birth to five puppies. All but one die of hunger; even One-Eye is killed while raiding a lynx's lair for food. Kiche and her cub are left to fend for themselves.

One day, the cub comes across some Native Americans, and Kiche comes to his rescue. One of the men, Grey Beaver, recognizes Kiche as his brother's former pet who left during a famine. Since his brother is dead, Grey Beaver takes the dog and its cub in, naming the cub White Fang.

White Fang is attacked by the tribe's puppies, and they are relentless. For years, White Fang fights for survival every day of his life. He grows up becoming more savage, morose, solitary, and deadly each day. In the words of Jack London: "In order to face the constant danger of hurt and even of destruction, his predatory and protective faculties were unduly developed. He became quicker of movement than the other dogs, swifter of foot, craftier, deadlier, more lithe, more lean with ironlike muscle and sinew, more enduring, more cruel, more ferocious, and more intelligent. He had to become all these things, else he would not have held his own nor survived the hostile environment in which he found himself."

At 5 years of age, White Fang I taken to Fort Yukon, where he is traded to Beauty Smith, a dog-fighter. He handily defeats all opponents until a bulldog is brought in to fight him. The bulldog gets a mouthful of White Fang's throat and slowly suffocates him. On the verge of death, Weedon Scott, a young gold hunter, purchases and rescues him.

After a long, patent effort, Scott tames White fang. When he leaves for California and leaves Whte Fang behind, White Fang tries to follow him home. He decides to take White Fang back with him.

White Fang adapts to the rules of the fancy California estate, where he saves Judge Scott (Weedon's father) from an irate prisoner intent on murder. The women of the estate refer to White Fang as "the Blessed Wolf". White Fang retires to relax in the sun and play with the puppies he fathered with the estate's sheep-dog.

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