Analyzing Plots in Literature

Analyzing the plot of a story is one of the most important part of understanding literature. The plot is what happens in the story. Usually, the plot revolves around the actions and decisions of the characters in the story. The theme of the story can be found within the plot of the story.

To understand the plot better, you can summarize the plot. You can outline the plot to make it a lot easier to summarize.

You can identify who the characters are and who are the ones responsible for driving the plot forward. This is also determining what the plot is all about.

Plots often include conflicts. This is a very important element of the plot. There is always a struggle or conflict that prevents the main character from achieving his or her goal. The conflict may come from another person or character, force of nature like hurricane or snowstorm and it may come from within the character like his or her fears.

The conflicts in the story is what pushes the plot forward. The important part of the plot is the climax and how the conflict is resolved by the main character. Take note of all of this developments in the story.

Find out how the plot is related to the overall theme of the story. The plot shows the theme, it is up to you to interpret it.

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