Are You Ready for College Level English Class?

If you are a high school student who is about to enter college, you have to ask yourself if your skills are adequate for college subjects such as English. The things you have learned in high school will serve as your foundation when starting out in college.

College level English requires you to read different kinds of books. If you are a good reader then this is a valuable asset for you. Being a good reader means that you have a high level of reading comprehension, you can easily detect and understand themes in literature, you have a keen vocabulary and you can identify rhetorical devices.

Being a good writer is also a great asset that you can use not just in college but also in your future career. A good writer should have a strong understanding of grammar and mechanics, has a decent spelling, creative, wide range of vocabulary, strong use of rhetorical devices and has a decent organizational skill.

You have to know if you are at par with the rest of the class when it comes to reading and writing. It would be much better if you are better than most of your classmates in English class. If you think you are falling behind in your class, you have to talk to your teacher and seek some help or assistance.

To further develop your reading and writing skill, the best way is to continue practicing. Read different genre of books, magazines, articles and so forth. You can read famous classical literature as well as contemporary books. Reading can also hone your writing skill and widen your vocabulary. Writing blogs, diary and journals are also great ways on how you can improve your writing skill.

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