Avoiding Exam Anxiety

Every student experiences anxiety when taking exams, especially if this is an important test that the students have to pass. The only problem with having anxiety is if it affects your performance before, during and after the exam. If experiencing anxiety can cause you poor studying performance then you have a serious problem. Symptoms of anxiety is rapid beating of the heart, sweating and difficulty in concentrating. Now imagine having those symptoms while you are taking the exam. You won't be able to answer the exams properly and this could cause you your grades. So how do you avoid exam anxiety? Or how do you reduce exam anxiety?

Anxiety is sometimes caused by always worrying and negative thinking. You should avoid worrying. Always think positive and study thoroughly so you would not have any reason to worry. Motivation is a good driving force to so that you can have more a positive outlook. You should also study with students who are also hardworking so all the negative things you have in your mind and all the doubts will be reduced.

You have to study weeks before your final exam. If you study the night before the exam, you would exert so much effort to memorize so many information that it can leave you stressed out. So by the time you take the exam, you are tired, stressed and you may feel the anxiety setting in.

Make sure that you arrive on the test site or in the school with enough time left. Rushing to the testing area can leave you stressed out and you wouldn't be relaxed when you start your exam.

Before you start entering the testing room, you should have positive thoughts about the exam. If you think that the exam is going to be hard and you didn't study well enough then this attitude can lead to more anxiety.

It might be better to look at your test paper first and start with the easier questions. This can build up your confidence in answering the test and it can also reduce anxiety.

For those difficult questions, answer them as best as you can. If you are having a hard time with that question, you can skip it and go to the next question. Sometimes it is better to accept your limitations in order to keep your anxiety level at a minimum.

After the exam, you should not think of your mistakes too much, especially if you have another exam coming up. Just think of the next exam and forget about the mistakes you made on your first exam.

If you feel tired or burnt out from your last exam, you should relax, get a snack or take a quick nap. This will help you prepare for your next exam.

Those are just some of the ways that can help a student avoid or reduce exam anxiety. Remember to take deep breaths, keep yourself focused during exams and always think positive.

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