Avoiding Exam Stress

Whether you like it or not, sometimes the pressure of the coming exams can affect you in a stressful way. You can follow these tips so you can avoid becoming stressed when exam week comes and increase the performance of your exam.

The first tip is to create a study schedule based on your exam timetable. This gives you an organized approach to your studying.

If you constantly think that your exam is crucial for your final grade, you really will get stressed. Change this way of thinking into an "I can do this" attitude. Be optimistic and not pessimistic about the exam.

Hang out with people who are not worriers and people who do not contribute to elevating your stress level. You can join your classmates or friends who are calm about the exam.

Put variety on your studying. This means that after an intense studying of a very hard lesson, you should follow it up with a light and easy lesson. This way you ease up on the pressure that you are building onto yourself.

Sometimes your parents can also add to your stress level when you are studying. You can ask them to give you some space when you are studying. Tell them that you need to focus on your studies for a while.

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