Being Aware of Physical and Emotional Cues When Studying

When you are studying, you should be aware of your physical and emotional well-being because this will greatly affect your capability to absorb information. If you are not emotionally or physically stable you will easily get distracted also.

If ever you are hungry, you should eat first before studying. It would be very difficult for you to concentrate on studying when you are always thinking about food. The same thing also goes for sleeping so do not deprive yourself of sleep especially when exams are near. You cannot study well and concentrate if you are drowsy and sleepy all the time.

Regarding emotional state, try to imagine studying if you are upset and angry. Do you think you can process and absorb information if you are angry? That would be very hard to do. The best emotional state when studying is when you are calm and relaxed. Your brain will be like a sponge ready to absorb all the information when you study.

So remember, being in top condition is also important when studying. You have to be physically and emotionally prepared, not just mentally, so that you can study thoroughly.

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