Causes of Stress in High School Students

Entering High School is a big transition for a teenager. There are a lot of stress that a student may undergo when they are starting and going through their High School years. It is important to know what causes these stress in order to minimize it's impact. Learning to curb or avoid stress can lead to a good academic performance while having a great time in High School.

The academic level upon entering High School intensifies so the student has to cope up with the difference in teaching. The student will attend different classes which are being handled by different teachers all with their own expectations on the students. This is the time for a student to have a sense of time management to balance their social life and studying.

High School is also the time when popularity in school really counts. Being ostracized from groups can be very devastating for a teenager especially for girls.

Extra-curricular activities in High School can really eat up most of the student's time. A High School student juggles his or her time for extra-curricular activities, schoolwork and friends. If the student cannot cope up then this can lead to more stress.

You also have to add the pressure of social gatherings, having their first relationships, peer pressures to drink and engage in other activities. These factors can also add to the stress of being in High School.

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