Constant Reading Can Improve Memory

Notice that when you are reading, you are using your memorization skill. Every time you read and encounter a new set of words, you figure out its meaning and then store it in your short term memory. This is important so that you would know its meaning the next time you encounter the word again. So it turns out that the more you read, the more you are using your memory skills. Now that you know this little bit of information, you can use reading as a sort of memory enhancement tool.

When reading, you should be in an area where it is quiet and there are less distractions. You cannot process all the information from your reading if your brain is distracted. Go to a quiet place like a library, park or your bedroom to read. You will be able to understand clearly what you are reading and remember the terms or the names of the characters in the book. This also helps you in sharpening and enhancing your memory when you try to recall names of friends or acquaintances.

When you want to remember an important word or sentence in the book, you should highlight it. This technique helps the student to focus on the most important parts of the book. This also trains your brain to look for important details and remember it.

Difficult words and terms are often found in books. Research and try to find out their meaning. When you are already in the habit of finding out the definition of the terms, you won't have any problems comprehending difficult words in sentences.

After reading the book, you can talk with other people who have also finished the book. Discuss with your friends about the different parts of the book and the plot or the characters. By doing this, you are again using your memory skills in recalling all the details in the book. Also, by listening to others, you can get the point of view of different people regarding the book.

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