Different Types of High School Essays

High school students will learn different types of essays in their English class. These students will encounter literary analysis essays, expository essays and cause and effect essays.

The expository essay provides explanation on a particular subject. The tone should be advisory and the writer should write in an authoritative way. Teachers may assign expository essays so that they would know if the students really understand and grasp the topic and explain it well through essay.

The cause and effect essay involves researching topics and finding out what its effects are or the outcome of that topic. An example of a cause and effect essay is writing about drinking too much alcohol and its negative effects on the person or the consequences of the person's action.

The most common type of essay that is usually given in a high school English class is the literary essay. This essay simply explains or discusses novels, poems, short stories and plays. Literary essay shows that the student understands thoroughly the literary piece that was assigned to them.

The last type of essay is the definition essay. This type of essay explains an idea, object or term and its different meaning in every culture, particular time period or situation.

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