Effective Study Group

Some people believe that study groups are constructive and some people think that it is not. Actually, there are ways to make a study group effective and not just a waste of time.

Usually, study groups are formed to prepare for an exam. The good thing about a study group is that it promotes healthy discussions and make the lessons easier to understand. However, an ideal study group should only be a small one to make the discussion more relevant. With large study groups, there are sub groups which makes discussions confusing.

If you are attending small study groups you have to make the most out of it. You have to be active and participate in the discussion so that you can absorb everything. You also have to be prepared in advance when attending a study group so that you can point out any wrong or inaccurate information presented by other group members. Promote a healthy discussion if there are differing opinions in the group but avoid arguments.

If the study group consists of more than five to six people then it is better not to join that group. A study group is only effective if it consists of fewer people. You can pick people who can join your study group. Choose those who you think can contribute to the discussion and avoid those who are not prepared and will just feed off information from the group. Members who are dead weight will just pull the study group down because they will take a long time in understanding the topic you are discussing. A group study is not effective when everyone agrees on an idea without verifying it just because no one is contradicting it.

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