Effective Ways in Taking Notes When Studying from a Book

When studying from a book, it is always a good idea to highlight the key words and phrases and take notes. This is also called interactive reading. Experts say that you are more likely to remember and retain more information if you write, highlight or underline what you are reading. You can also paraphrase the important parts of the book in your own words.

Imagine studying by just reading the book passively and hoping you remember all that information. Interactive reading makes you learn and understand the materials in the book clearly.

You have to highlight the important parts of the book. It is not necessary to highlight all the sentences in the book. Find the major points in one paragraph and highlight it.

If the book has blank margins, you can write on the blank margin spaces. It is better if you rephrase the key points in your own words. You can understand the notes better by using your own words. Avoid copying the original sentences.

If you do not want to write on the book or put any markings on it, you can use sticky notes. Bookmark the important pages with your sticky notes.

Get a piece of paper and summarize some paragraphs that are very important. Do not copy the book word for word. Paraphrase and use your own words so you can easily understand and remember these information. Do not forget to write down the page number in case you want to go back and look at the original text.

Your exam may include questions where you have to answer in essay form. In order to prepare for this, you can write your own questions when studying from a book. This is like quizzing yourself. Then answer the questions and write it down based on your own opinion and ideas.

You can now combine all the notes you have taken from the book. The sticky notes, the summarized parts, the paraphrased parts and others should be reviewed thoroughly. By doing this, you can concentrate your studies on the most important parts of the book.

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