English Class

English class is needed in every school in the country because this subject is responsible for developing the communication skill of the students from the basic to the advanced. The basic consists of learning the proper pronunciation and grammar and then move on to reading books and writing essays. Students will also learn to read and analyze books and other writings made by famous authors and writers.

English classes are considered less rigid and structured than other subjects because it promotes discussions, feedback and group interactions. This subject can hone the way a student thinks and analyzes. It also develops the writing skill of the student.

Most often, the curriculum of the school on its English class is made by categorizing literature into periods, genres or authors. Genres can be differentiated into fiction, non-fiction and poetry. The authors can be grouped according to where they lived or their nationality.

The teachers or professors in the English class should have a degree in literature or education. On the college level English class, the professor should have master's or doctorate degree.

English class can never be complete without research works. Students will be required to submit research papers focusing on assigned topics or books.

The basis for the grading of most English classes rely on the writing of papers. However, some English classes also give final exams which consist usually of writing short essays. The teacher or professor will always put more emphasis on the content of the essays rather than the grammar or the spelling.

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