Essay Development

Writers have different styles in developing essays but it all boils down to how effective the essay is in trying to convey its message to the reader. To make it easier for you to write an essay, you should have a guideline or a development process that you can always follow when writing an essay.

If the teacher gives you a subject for your essay, it is a good idea if you will study the subject first. This is also one way of preparing your mind to write an essay. It is like picturing an overview of your essay in your mind and you are trying to put together the pieces to make the essay flow fluidly from beginning to end.

You then develop an idea that would support the subject of your essay. All essays originate from the idea of the writer. You cannot create an essay if you do not have ideas to write down.

You now start to brainstorm and identify all the ideas that you have thought of and then review these ideas.

Now that your main idea or subject and the supporting ideas are clearly defined, you are now ready to write down your essay. Remember that the essay consists of three parts, the introduction, the body and the conclusion.

This is the simplest way to develop an essay. You can also use other forms of essay development like writing an outline and a draft before writing the final essay.

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