Foreign Exchange Student Programs for High School

There are many non profit organizations today which offers foreign exchange student programs for high school students who are at least 15 years old and above. These programs are offered to students who want to spend their summer, one semester or even one full year studying abroad. Aside from the non profit organizations, the US Department of State also sponsors short term exchange program for high school students.

The US Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs sponsors short term exchange program for students to help them learn leadership skills, understand the culture and people from other countries, help in community development and learn more about civic responsibility. There have already been 1,270 students who have participated in this program and currently they have two way exchange program with Serbia, Poland and other South American countries. Each program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs has their own qualifications and requirements. Contact the bureau to see all the information for their short term exchange programs.

The Experiment in International Living is a study and live abroad program for high school students which gives them a chance to stay three to five weeks in a different country. The students would have a host family during their visit to that country and they have to participate in community service, study the language and art of the country and work on ecological projects. The students should have finished ninth through twelfth grade and has at least a year of language classes. The fees that they ask depend on what country the student will visit.

For American students who are very much interested in visiting Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the South Pacific, they can check out the American Scandinavian Student Exchange or ASSE. The ASSE was established by the Swedish Government to foster cultural exchange between USA and Sweden. They offer a year abroad program and a six week summer homestay. There is also the four week language institute for high school students. The student can apply for scholarship programs that are merit and need based to lower down the program fee. The student can visit the ASSE website and fill up the online application form.

Another organization that students can check out is the Council on Educational International Exchange or CIEE. They offer summer programs in France, China, Spain and Japan. The year abroad program includes Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. The program will allow the students to stay with a host family and go to a local school. The CIEE also offer scholarship programs for students who have good merits. Interested students can visit the CIEE website to look for the information regarding scholarships and the application forms.

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