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King Henry IV, Part 1

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Act 2 Scenes 1-2

1. What two people disguise themselves and why?


2. Find a speech in Act 2, Scene 2 which sums up in a single sentence the reason why the prince is involved in the robbery at Gad's Hill.


3. What further evidence is there at the close of this scene that the prince's main object is something other than money?


4. Cursing and swearing oaths in common in the prose scenes. What is the purpose of this?


5. Falstaff often pretends that he is the victim of conspiracies to corrupt or influence him. What is the instance of this in scene 2?


6. Falstaff often indulges in exaggeration. Where does he exaggerate in scene 2? What is his purpose?

Act 2 Scene 3

1. Who is Kate?


2. Who is Kate's brother?


3. How does Hotspur show his humorous side with Kate?


4. Why won't Hotspur tell Kate where he is going?


5. Hotspur is alone, at first, reading a letter and commenting on its contents. What do we learn of his character from his remarks?

Act 2 Scene 4

1. The scene in the Boar's Head Tavern after the robbery shows the prince in the merriest of moods. He says that he has "sounded the very base-string of humility." What does he say he has learned, and how does this distinguish him from his father at the same age?


2. Explain the practical joke he plays on Francis


3. Explain how he obtains the maximum of fun out of Falstaff's version of the robbery.


4. Trace the comic element in Falstaff's narrative account of the Gad's Hill robbery. Identify his:







5. When pretending to be the prince, Falstaff is comically innocent. Which line shows that he knows how to handle the prince's eloquent abuse?


6. At which point in this tavern scene does the real world of serious politics enter into the revelry?


7. How does the prince react to the news?


8. How might his drinking companions be misled by his manner at this time?


9. The comedy of playacting in the tavern scene involved irreverence to the king, who is impersonated. Re-read the episode carefully and decide whether the laughter is ever at the king's expense or whether the prince is careful to see that the subject of the mockery is always Falstaff.


10. How does the mood of the prince change after the entry of the sheriff? Give examples of his responsible manner.


11. How did Peto and Bardolph fight?


12. How did Peto and Bardolph get blood on their clothes?


13. What 3 enemies does Falstaff tell Prince Hal to worry about?


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