King Henry IV Study Guide

King Henry IV, Part 1

Study Guide

Act 3 Scene 1

1. Hotspur's first words in this scene, in which the rebels meet to discuss their plans, are typical of him. Why?

2. What does Mortimer realize about Glendower that Hotspur does not?

3. What is the setting for this scene?

4. What does Owen Glendower imply about his birth?

5. What further claims does Glendower make which suggest that he is no mere braggart?

6. What evidence is there to show that Glendower is willing to control his feelings for the sake of unity?

7. Mortimer defends Glendower. What does he say are Glendower's virtues?

8. How are the men planning to divide England after their victory?

9. Worcester considers Hotspur's positive and negative points. What are they?

Act 3 Scene 2

1. Why has Hal lost his membership on the king's council?

2. Why is the king worried about Prince Hal mixing with the commoners?

3. What are the many reasons that the king is displeased with Prince Hal?

4. What 5 men now oppose King Henry IV?

5. How does Prince Hal plan to redeem himself in his dad's eyes?

6. How will the king finally divide his troops and their leadership?

Act 3 Scene 3

1. What does Falstaff owe Hostess Quickly for?

2. Who takes the blame for picking Falstaff's pockets?

3. How does the prince's handling of the hostess/Falstaff quarrel show the fruit of Hal's promise to behave responsibly?

4. How does Hal handle the matter of the robbery?

5. What type of military assignment does Prince Hal give Falstaff?

Act 4 Scene 1

1. What is the problem with Hotspur's father?

2. How does Hotspur FIRST respond to the news of his father's sickness?

3. What are his SECOND thoughts and his supporting arguments? What do the latter tell us of his thought processes?

4. Comment on Hotspur's response to Sir Richard Vernon's news.

5. How does Vernon describe Prince Hal at the end of this scene?

6. What has happened to Glendower and his troops?

7. From reading the evidence of the closing speeches of this act, decide what is Hotspur's instinctive reaction to bad news and whether he is confident of victory.

Act 4 Scene 2

1. Falstaff stops for refreshment and speaks of his "misuse of the King's press." What do we learn from this of Elizabethan methods of army recruitment?

2. Who does Falstaff recruit at first?

3. Describe the group of soldiers he has ended up with:

4. How does Falstaff plan to clothe them?

5. How does Falstaff see his troops being used?

Act 4 Scene 3

1. Why does Blunt come to see Hotspur?

2. What would be your reason for trusting Henry after hearing Blunt's message?

3. What would be your reason for being suspicious of Henry after hearing Blunt's message?

4. Sir Walter Blunt invites Hotspur to name his grievances. What is the nature of Hotspur's reply?

5. What is significant about Hotspur's postponement of a decision?

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