High School Work-Study Programs

The high school work-study program is very ideal for students who want to learn more responsibilities and become independent while earning money at the same time.

The first person you should approach if you want to find out about any work-study program in your school is the guidance counselor. Usually, these work-study programs are given to students who are in the 11th and 12th grade. Schools may give extra credits for students who are in this program and they may also earn money from the employers. Some programs are also geared for those students who has no plans of going to college.

If you are really interested in enrolling at the work-study program, you should talk to your fellow students who are in this program. You can get valuable information by talking to them.

If you think that the work-study programs will work for you, then it is time to get those application forms and fill them up. You should also get all the help and assistance that you can get from your guidance counselor.

You should always have an open communication with your employer and your teacher so that you can be sure you will get the proper credit and paycheck.

It is also important that you write down and log in all the hours that you've worked. A personal log can be used later on for clarification when getting your payment or class credit.

You should never be late in your class and your work. Even at a young age, you are expected to be professional when it comes to work.

You should also review the labor laws in your place regarding minors. Remember that these laws are there to protect you. Employers should never subject their workers to unsafe working conditions or being harassed at work.

Remember also that these work-study programs are only for students who can maintain good grades and work at the same time. If you have failing grades, you may get kicked out of the program.

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