How to Prepare for a Literature Exam

Most of the time students think that the only way they can study for a literature exam is to read and review the literature books given by their teachers. You can make your review easier by making your own notes. With these notes as your study material, you can easily understand and absorb all the things that you need for the exam. Also, teachers and professors allow the students to open their notes during the exam so here are some ways on making effective literature notes.

Write down all the characters and their traits. Write down what makes these characters stand out and what the author says about these characters. Your exam may include questions where you have to identify the character by their traits and personality.

Do not forget the dates and settings of the novels and write it down. Teachers may include questions in their exam that will ask you to identify a piece by its date and setting.

Write down on your notes the settings and the events unfolding on the author's life when he or she was writing the novel. Was the novel written in the time of war? Was there a crisis or problem in the life of the author that made him or her write the novel? Write all this down.

Since you have written down the events that took place during the writing of the novel, you also have to write down everything you know about the author. Take some time to know about the author's other works and simple notes about the author's time period. The exam will include questions which might ask you to identify the authors.

Interpret the story or find the real meaning behind the story. Your teacher will not require you to memorize or write down word for word the story and all its details. Your teacher will be looking for more than what the story is all about, they are interested in what the story means to you and the real interpretation of the story. One good tip is to write down your thoughts immediately right after finishing the novel. The important thing is when your exam allows you to open your notes, all these important details are included. The more thorough your notes are, the better it is that you can answer the questions in your literature exam.

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