Improving the Study Skills of High School Students

A child may develop a good study skill early in his or her life but when they enter high school, these study skills have to be reinforced or upgraded. Here are some ways that a high school student can improve their own study techniques.

Most teenagers have a habit of being disorganized so the best way to start a new study technique is to create a study planner. Without a good study planner, a high school student may lose focus because he or she might be overwhelmed with the school works and activities in school and social life. To make the life of a teenager more organized, they can make a planner wherein they will place all their activities into three columns which is the school, sports or hobbies and family and friends. Fill these columns with school and social activities for a whole month or more. This planner will organize the school and social life of a high school student and they will also learn to prioritize things that are important to them.

Another habit of students when studying is to start with their favorite subjects or lessons. When they eventually come to the less interesting subjects or topics, the students tend to procrastinate and stop studying. Since a person has more mental energy at the start of a study session, the priority has to be the most difficult subjects or lessons. It is better to save the favorite or the best topics for last.

Teenagers and high school students must also learn to have strong concentration skills when studying so that they will not be easily distracted. The students can do some relaxation exercises before studying to keep them focused. Students can also try to study at different times of the day and find out what time they are most effective. Some students can focus more if they study before bedtime and some students like to study in the morning.

These are just some of the study skills and techniques that a teenager has to try if they want to improve their study habits. A student should understand that giving time for studies can also give them more time to focus on other school activities and also time for their social lives.

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