Improving Your Memory Retention

When studying for an exam, one of the most important and key factor that you should possess is a good memorization skill. It is the ability to recall the important things you wrote and highlighted on your books and notes. If you are good at memory retention then you have no problem getting a high grade on your exam. However for most of us, we still have to hone and improve this skill. Here are some tips and ways so that you can improve your memory retention skills.

It is important to have your full attention on the materials you are studying. For you to focus clearly on your review and study you should be in a location or place in the house which is far from any distractions.

It is proven by experts that students who constantly study their lesson get a higher grade than students who just study a few days before the exam. Memory retention works efficiently if you study for a number of sessions.

It is easier to memorize and recall information if they are organized in related groups. Organize your notes and lessons and try to group related terms and concepts together.

Use the power of association or using mnemonic devices. You can associate terms or part of your lessons to certain items, places or events you are familiar with. Use positive imagery or items and associate it with your review items. You will find out that you can easily recall things this way.

When studying new unfamiliar lessons or materials, it is always a good idea to relate it with things you already know. By doing this, you are increasing the chances that you will recall your lessons quickly.

When studying, try to visualize what you are reading. If these are statistics, try to visualize the charts and the numbers. It would be easier to recall this in your memory if you have a visual picture of the material.

You can increase your long term recall by varying the time of your study. If you study in the evening, your next study session can be in the morning.

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When i study....Plenty of things came into my mind...i cant concenterate i.e i forgot what i read . Please give me solution to increase my concenteration