Improving Your Writing Skills

Writing is a skill that has to be constantly practiced so that you can be good at it. However, it does require some time and a lot of work in order to be good at writing. Any student can acquire a good English writing skill.

The basic writing process always start out by having an outline of the piece you want to write, writing a draft based from your outline, then the editing of your written piece and the last part is the proofreading. These are the basic and fundamental steps that you should follow if you want to develop good writing skill.

Your outline does not have to be very meticulous, a simple bullet outline will do. Just list all the major ideas with their corresponding sub topics. Then write down your draft following the outline that you have made. This is just a draft so you don't have to worry about the grammar or the spellings. Edit your draft and correct all the mistakes that you have made. Delete or change phrases that you do not like, change words and correct punctuations and spellings. Be rigorous with your editing. Proofread your final draft and read it out to yourself. You can also have someone proofread your work. That person should be capable of giving you advice in case there are changes that need to be done on your work.

Practice makes perfect. This is very true in writing. You have to constantly write so that you can improve your skill. Write essays or short stories to practice your writing. Write a journal or a blog so that you can write about different things that you've experienced in school, at home, with your friends and so forth.

It is a good habit to have a dictionary and a thesaurus near you when you are writing. Increasing your vocabulary by discovering new words can greatly improve your writing skill. These references can help you with the meaning of the word, the spelling and the correct grammar use.

They say that the best way to learn how to write well is to read. You can read novels, articles, essays and the newspapers. When you read, you learn new words and this enriches your vocabulary. You can also get new writing ideas from reading.

You can ask help from your English teacher or instructor. You can also ask help from someone who is a good writer. These people can guide you to be a better writer. They can point out your mistakes and tell you what you should and shouldn't do.

Follow these tips and you will definitely improve your writing skills. Remember that you always have to practice and write until you no longer make many mistakes.

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