Making Effective Homemade FlashCards for Studying

When you read articles about learning skills and effective ways to study, you will always encounter "flashcards" which is one way for visual learners to memorize and study. It is very easy to make flashcards, just get an index card and write down important key words and terms that will be given in the exam. However, there are still other ways on how you can make an effective flashcard to help make your studying easier.

The first thing you have to do is to create your own list of study material. This list will be included in your flashcard. The terms and definitions are written on another piece of paper.

The next thing you have to do is to divide these list of study materials into categories. You can group the items that are in the same category. In order to distinguish between categories, you can use different colors for each.You can assign each category a different colored ink.

You then write the definition on one side of the note card. You can use the lined side of the note card for the answers. Write down the complete answer or definition.

On the opposite side of the note card, you write the term. You complete your note card by writing down the answers to the definition on the unlined side of the note card. Remember to use the same color of ink that you used on the definition side.

This is just one way of doing an effective flashcard. You can also use your computer and the internet in making an effective study card or flashcard. Be creative and this will make your studying a lot easier. This works well for students who are visual learners, meaning they absorb ideas and information easily using visual aids.

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