Making Your Own Quiz for Studying

One of the most effective ways to study is to quiz yourself or make your own quiz material to test yourself. You will have to come up with your own questions and then find the answers to those questions.

You can choose to make different kinds of quizzes or you can just choose one depending on your style. The most common types of quizzes that you can make are multiple choice type of quiz, flashcard quiz and a study quiz.

For the multiple choice quiz, the first step is to gather all the information that you need for studying and making the quiz. Write down the question for each number with the corresponding choices that you have to choose. Be sure that you have an answer sheet that you can refer to after you have answered your self-made quiz. Multiple choice is a very common form of exam given by teachers. If your teacher says that the exam is a multiple choice type, then you can do your own multiple choice quiz at home.

For the flashcard type of quiz, you will need index cards where you can write the questions on the front side and the answer on the back side. Mix them all up so you don't know what question you will get.

The study quiz is basically just writing down a list of questions and then answering it after finishing one session of studying. You write down the list of questions and then set it aside. You then study your notes, books and lectures for about thirty minutes. After studying, you should take a ten minute break to let all the information sink in. After resting, go back to the list of questions you made and start answering them. After quizzing yourself, look up the correct answers on your notes and books.

Quizzing yourself gives you a lot of idea on what areas you have to improve based on the results of your quiz. If you incur lots of wrong answers and mistakes, you should go over the quiz again until you get a perfect score.

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