Making Your Own Study Guide

Study guides are important tools in helping students study for their upcoming exams. Students are often encouraged to make study guides to help them organize their lessons and notes. Also, the activity itself will help the students review all the important details they need to memorize and remember for their final exams. Here are the basic steps you can follow when making your own study guide.

The key to making your own study guide is to know your learning style. Do you learn best by seeing? If you do then you have to focus on the images, pictures and visual aids. You may learn best through hearing. If you do, then you can record the lectures of your teacher. You may be oriented in learning through experience. You have to design a study guide that involves both your vision and hearing.

It is also a good idea to focus on the chapter heading of the lesson or the objectives. It is stepping back and looking at the bigger picture so that you can understand your lessons clearly.

After each class you can organize the details you have learned. Take note of the important materials learned and also the assigned readings from your teacher.

You can list some questions that you can ask your teachers. Write down their answer to your questions in your study guide. The study guides you have made should be reviewed at least once at the end of each week for half an hour so that you always remember all the details in your notes.

Try not to be absent and be consistent in keeping up with the class projects and readings. Sometimes teachers give hints or they even tell the students what the exams would be like. Study guides are made so that you can also avoid cramming, so try to review your guides every week.

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