Modern Technology and the Study Habits of Students

There is no doubt that modern technology has an effect on the study habits of students today. The positive side of modern technology is that it makes things easier for students to research for their homework and projects. However, it is also right to mention that technologies are also a major distraction for students.

One of the most distracting technology for most students are the game consoles such as the xbox and the playstation consoles. This may distract students but it can also be a way to motivate them. This can motivate them to finish their homework faster or study thoroughly so they can have time to play some games afterwards.

It has been mentioned that modern technology can speed up and simplify the process by which a student can do their research. However, this can also promote procrastination. The only way to prevent this is to provide students with a much more complex assignments and homeworks so that students would be challenged.

With the internet and the computer, students can easily work together and collaborate to finish certain group projects. They can also send notes and study materials to help each other.

We cannot deny the fact that technology can be a major distraction when studying. Using the internet itself can be distracting because of all the social networking sites and the games that are available with just one click. Of course there is the usual cellphone, iPod and iPad which can really distract the students. This will all boil down to the age and the self discipline of the student.

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how modern technology affects the study habits of students