Organizing Your Study Schedule

Most students study randomly and they only study when exams are near. To really have a well rounded study habit, you have to organize your study schedule. Having an organized study schedule will really help you in achieving those high grades that you want to have. Here are some tips on how you can organize your daily study schedule.

Write down your schedule for the whole week. This means that you will include all the seven days of the week. Enumerate your daily activities like cleaning your room, laundry, going out with friends, hobbies or sports and others. List how much time you need for spending on each of these activities. Then calculate how much time you need for studying each day of the week, you may need one hour or two hours on a particular time of the day. It would be good if you can devote one subject to study for each day of the week.

To make your schedule more organized you should have your own daily planner or a small notebook will do. You can update your planner depending on your lessons and your school schedules. You should learn to prioritize on what should be accomplished on each day.

Do not forget your test or exam dates so that you can study in advance. It is advisable that you finish the easy tasks and lessons first before moving on to the harder ones. After finishing a productive study session it would be a lot better if you can reward yourself for a job well done.

Of course there are times when there are things to do that will not fit into your schedule or maybe you just need a spontaneous day off from studying. All you have to do is rearrange your schedule and update it.

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