Preparing for College

High school students often feel excited and nervous when preparing for college. There are some things that a student can do for a smoother transition from high school to college life. This article can give a high school senior some tips on preparing for your college.

A week before going to your college dorm, you have to be prepared on the things that you are bringing with you. You can make a list on the things that you will need when you are already living by yourself in a dorm. Transition can be a bit hard if you are not used to being independent and on your own.

If you already know your major, you can already prepare for the classes that you are going to take. It is better if you can have a clear overview of the first two years of your study. If you haven't decided on your major yet, you can get the general education requirements and then decide your major.

It is a good idea also that you can take a tour of the university grounds. This will make you more comfortable with your new environment.

Living in the dorm can give you a taste of independence. To fully prepare yourself for college life, you can try to develop your independence. You have to realize that you are no longer living with your parents and you have to be more responsible for every decisions you make.

One of the best ways to have a smoother transition into college is to make new friends. Your new friends can help you make things easier.

During your first few weeks in your dorm, it would be better if you decide not to visit your home. It might be tempting but it would be hard for you to move on and make the transition if you make frequent visits to your home. Phone calls to your parents would do but try to wait a month or until holidays to come back home.

During the first few months, you can join a club, organization or become a volunteer so that you can be more comfortable with your new environment. Plus, you would meet more new friends.

College life is not all about studying. You should go out and have fun with your friends. Transition from high school to college can be fun if you can experience it with your friends and other college freshmen.

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