Proper Way to Write High School English Essay

High school English essay is a part of the school curriculum because it is the best preparation for college thesis, college reports and even business reports. It is very important that students learn to properly write an English essay in High School.

Most often, writing an English essay just needs proper research and the right enthusiasm and eagerness to write.

Sometimes, the teacher allows the student to create their own topic. This is what the teachers call personal essay. With this kind of essay, you should choose a topic that you are passionate about. If the teacher picks the topic, you should list down all the things that you know about that particular topic and also make additional research.

The next step is to define your thesis statement. The reader will readily know what your essay is all about when they know your thesis statement. This will also keep your writing on track and focused. If you feel that the body of your essay is going off track, just refer back to your thesis statement.

The proper content of your paper should have 10% introduction, 75% body and the remaining 15% on the conclusion.

List down the elements or the sub topics of your essay. This will be mostly the body of your essay. Try to correlate or make a smooth transition in between sub-topics to make each one blend well.

Having an interesting opening or introduction is always good because it can hook your readers immediately. Good essay openings may include a favorite quotation, a wise proverb, a line from a popular movie, a bold question or a strong and relevant fact.

The conclusion should review lightly all the key words and ideas throughout the essay. Include personal observations and insights about the essay topic.

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