Reading Classic Literatures

Classic literature, even though they were written fifty or hundred years ago, still has the power to affect the readers. The gift of literature to educate and inspire people transcends time. Unfortunately, not all people like to read classic literature. Sometimes, to understand classic literature, you have to be mature enough to enjoy and comprehend these writings.

Although we read classic literature because we have to do a report in school, we can also read them for enjoyment. You may have heard of famous authors of classical novels on the television and internet, you can check out their writings and their books.

If you really want to get into the habit of reading classical literature, you can start by reading 30 minutes every day. You should have a dictionary near you when reading classical novels since the words used are always deep or its meaning has changed over time.

To have a better understanding of the setting and the plot of the story, you can make a little background research on the era or its time period. You can also research on the background of the author.

You really have to follow the structure of the story. Most classical literature have complex storyline and plots which makes it hard sometimes to follow the story. The character development is also very extensive. Seeing the overall theme of the story is very important as well as following the basic development of the characters and their story.

There are literature companions that you can buy to help you get started with the classical literature. An example of a literature companion is the "Oxford Companion to Classical Literature."

Another key to understanding classic literature is by understanding the use of the footnotes. These classical literature are full of footnotes that references the social and culture elements of their time.

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