Studying Even If You are Mentally Exhausted

It is a common scene among students to study all night before a big exam. This happens when students procrastinate or they study the day before the exam. The result of this kind of studying is mental exhaustion since it can be hard for your brain to take in all those information that you are trying to memorize. This is why it is very much recommended that you review your notes and study at least a week before your exams. This article will tackle on some tips on how you can still study even if your are mentally exhausted.

When you are mentally exhausted you are most likely to put down your books and notes and feel drowsy. To avoid this, you have to make your environment more conducive to studying. This means that you have to be sitting in a comfortable chair, the lighting is good and the temperature is just right. However, if the chair too comfortable and soft and the temperature is warm, you can become sleepy.

If you are studying one subject or one book for a long period of time, you may become bored and it could add up to your mental exhaustion. The best thing to do is to change what you are studying every hour. You can avoid being burned out or bored with what you are studying.

Being alert is very important when studying. However, when you are mentally exhausted, being alert can be very challenging. You can become more alert if you study with a friend and quiz each other. You just have to be sure that you spend that time studying and not playing around.

Try to get ten minutes of break every hour when you are studying. You can do some stretching and some exercise during your break to get the blood flowing again and to make you more alert. Sitting down and being inactive for an hour can make you feel exhausted even more.

When you have your snack break, you have to avoid foods that are high in sugar because this can cause a spike and quick drop of your blood sugar and it can leave you more exhausted. Try foods that are healthy such as protein bars, fruits, cheese and so on.

If you are going to study all night, you can prepare some coffee or caffeinated drinks. This can help you get through while you are studying.

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