Studying for an Essay Type of Exam

Some students dread having an essay exam. One main reason is because it is hard to predict what questions will be asked. Especially if there are so many topics to study. The best way to study for an essay exam is to study all the topics and materials that you need to know.

Prepare every notes you have on that subject. Your textbooks, class notes and other notes you have taken on that subject. Then you should go through all your notes and highlight all the major points that your teacher emphasized.

Gather all the major points or themes that you found. Each theme should be written in one index card or paper. Then you should go back to your notes and textbooks and write down the minor details for each major points or theme. Get as much information as you can about that theme.

Review each index card and see if you are satisfied with all the sub topics or minor details that you have listed on each major points. After your review, it is time to quiz yourself on each major points. Compare your answers from the reviewer you have made.

One review is not enough. After a couple of hours away from your notes, come back and quiz yourself once again. Keep on doing this until you are satisfied with the results.

You also have to practice your writing skills. Make sure that your grammar and spelling are correct when writing your essay during your review and more importantly, during the exam.

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