Studying for a History Exam

Most often, students dread history exam because there are so many dates, names of important people and facts to memorize. This can really be overwhelming especially if you are not prepared and you are just studying a few days before the exam. Here are some tips to make your studying easier and more effective.

You already know that preparing for History exams can be quite tiresome to do in one night. So you have to study early, at least a week before the exam. This is to avoid the overload of details that will be absorbed by your brain.

Make a reviewer by drawing a timeline of the period you are currently studying in your History class. Study your books and notes through the timeline, starting from the earliest to the latest of the timeline and getting the flow of the events that happened during that period.

You can now fill in your blank timeline with details and events that happened without looking at your notes and textbooks. Try to put in as much information as you can remember. After testing yourself, you can now check if you got all the sequencing and the facts correct.You can repeat this method until you get it all correct.

A good way to memorize all the facts and key details is to write it down and make a list of all those key people, places and events.

After studying the details, it is time to look at the big picture. Learn why those events are important and why we are studying it today.

Sometimes, during the course of the timeline, there are major changes and transitions that happened. You have to take note of this and be able to explain this.

You can ask your classmates and friends to form a study group so you can work together in reviewing your lessons.

After your main study session, all you have to do is just review your lessons once in a while so that you will not forget all the details.

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