Studying for a Math Exam

Students have different ways and techniques when studying for a Math exam. Math exams are very different from literature exams so the studying techniques involve more on solving math problems and equations. Here are some tips and guide when studying for a math exam.

When studying for math exams, your homeworks will play an important role. Check on your previous math homework and try to evaluate and study the items where you made a mistake. Sometimes, some questions and math problems in the exam are similar to the ones given by your teacher in your homework.

Your math book has some study questions at the end. Look them up and copy them then try to solve them without using any calculator. After solving them, compare your answer with the answers on the book. Analyze the mistakes you have made and solve it again until you get it right.

Be familiar and study the mathematical terms and words like circumference, radius, angles and so on.

Every math book has a summary at the end of each chapter. Read the summary to get a clearer overview of the math lessons you are studying.

It is always advisable to have complete sleep the night before the exam and eat a hearty breakfast. This is to ensure that you don't feel sluggish and sleepy during the exam.

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