Taking College Courses While in High School

By taking college courses while you are still in your senior year in high school assures that you will impress the college admission officers. This is a great opportunity to build a good academic record early in your education.

You can start by browsing the websites of the college universities you are interested in and look for pre-college courses that they are offering. Most university websites include this option, you just have to do a bit of browsing if you can't find it in the main page.

If you have found the pre-college course that you want to take, you can now send an email to the college inquiring and telling them about your interest on the courses available. Write down your contact information, your average grade, the course you want to major in and you can also include test scores of college admission tests if you have taken any.

The next step is the application to your preferred program. Make sure that you follow all the directions when preparing your application. If you submit complete requirements, this ensures faster processing of your application. You can have your teachers and parents read your essay before submitting it so that they can point out some improvements if there is any. Remember that the university needs to be assured that you are really capable and responsible of taking pre-college courses.

Remember that even if this is only a pre-college course, this is officially the start of your college education. Make a good start and participate in your class to make a positive impression on your professor.

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