Taking Notes in a Literature Class

Taking notes in any class, especially in your literature class, is very important because these notes can help you prepare for your tests and exams. Your notes can also aid you when doing essays, homeworks and participating in class discussions. The key is to focus on what your teacher is saying in your class and whatever is written in the blackboard.

Usually, major points that teachers want to emphasize is written in the blackboard. Copy whatever the teacher writes on the blackboard regarding your lessons and topics. Give your attention on what the teacher writes and focus on it. There is much time to socialize with your classmates after the class.

When there is a class discussion, you can also take notes. If the teacher and the class is talking about a character, write down the details describing the character and their actions.

It would be a better idea if you can make a time line of the story in your notebook. This can help you understand the story more effectively and track down the actions and the events that unfold in the story.

Usually there are literary terms and vocabulary words that you will encounter that is hard to understand. Write these terms down along with their corresponding meaning.

Never hesitate to ask questions in class if you cannot understand things in the story. Write down the questions that the teacher keeps asking in class, these questions may be included in your exams.

For each of the story that you read in your literature class, make separate notes. Write down the theme of the story, the plot summary and the main characters.

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