Tips on Delivering a Speech

If you are going to deliver a speech, you have to remember two things, the tone of your voice and your body language. With the right tone and body language, you can deliver a successful speech to your audience.

Let us begin with the very first part of your speech which is the approach to your podium. Approaching the podium should be done confidently, you have to show confidence on the way you walk. You should also place your notes in front of you where you can easily see it.

The proper posture is standing straight with your feet slightly apart, about the width of your shoulders. Do not start the speech immediately. You have to look at the audience first, pause and then start your speech. When there is no microphone available, you really have to project your voice. This can be done by projecting from your diaphragm and not from your throat.

Your audience should immediately know the mood of your speech from the introduction. Your facial expression and your diction should show what kind of mood you are projecting.

It is better if you can make eye contact with your audience even at the back row.

If you are stating important key points in your speech, you should briefly pause to let the audience absorb the information you are telling them. Use your hands or certain gestures so that you can strongly emphasize those important points to your audience. Your facial expression should also show that you are emphasizing something that is important.

Avoid having a monotone speech. This can put your audience to sleep and it can be very insulting. Make your speech lively by varying your tone, pitch and speed of your delivery.

It is okay to glance at your notes once in a while so that you can refresh your memory. However, it is not okay if you are already reading your notes during your speech. You can read long quotations which needs accurate delivery but you should never read your notes.

The proper way to end your speech is by thanking your audience and confidently walk away from the podium.

Those are the tips that you can follow if you want to give a good speech at school. You just have to show confidence from start to finish and practice your speech at home with your friends or family as audience.

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