Transition of High School Essays to College Essays

There is a big difference between high school essays and college type of essays. Freshmen college students would find it very challenging to write because of these main differences.

In high school essay, the structure revolves around three main components of the essay which is the introduction, body and the conclusion. The student has to adapt the topic to the structure of the essay. However, in the college essay, the content of the essay is given more importance. The structure of the essay should revolve and work around the main topic.

High school essays tend to be always one sided and the conclusion is always the same as the introduction. Whereas in the college essay, two sides are shown and their strengths and weaknesses are pointed out.

Another main difference between high school and college essays is their length. In high school, the essays may be only up to two or three pages. In college, the essays can be up to ten pages. This is because the professor allows the students to use a number of sources and the writing should go deeper which requires more pages to write.

High school essay is written for a general audience and anyone can read it and understand. College essays are usually written for the professor. Sometimes, the college students have to ask their professor what kind of audience they are writing for or who will read their essay.

When rewriting a high school essay, the student has to look for correction in grammars, spellings and punctuation mistakes. However, for college students, rewriting means checking the pacing of the essay, the sentence structure and the word choices. The college student has to make the content more meaningful and make sure it has the best writing quality.

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