Understanding Symbolism in Literature

Symbolism in literature is very important in order for you to fully understand the theme of the story and what the author wants to truly convey to the readers. Understanding the symbolism in literature pieces is necessary when you are doing book reports or reviews about the book. Here are some ways on how you can identify and understand the symbolism in a literature piece.

Usually in literature, objects are used for representing ideas. The United States is symbolized by the American bald eagle which also symbolizes freedom and democracy. You have to learn to associate important objects as symbols of something.

There are signs that you can recognize if a certain object has meaning for the author. The first sign is that it is mentioned frequently in the literature piece. If it is often mentioned then it is probably very important. The second sign is when an object is described with so much detail. This also means the object is also very important.

Most often, a literature piece has lots of symbolism because of the author's background and influence. You can familiarize yourself with the works and style of the author. The symbol has a personal significance to the author or it symbolizes an important issue during that time the piece was written.

It is always a good idea to trust your instinct when you feel that a certain phrase makes you react in a different way. The author most likely put that particular object or symbol in a particular way so that readers can be alerted about that symbol.

It is also a good idea to look at literary reviews and criticisms. It is okay to look at the works of others if you are just a novice or beginner. With constant exposure and study of literature pieces, you will be familiarized with spotting their symbolism.

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