What is Study Block and How to Overcome It?

Maybe you have heard about the writer's block? It is the inability of a writer to compose a written material even though he or she wants to write. Study block is very similar to this because study block happens when you know you need to study but somehow nothing gets in to your brain and you cannot study at all. There are of course factors that contribute to study block. You may not be aware of this but if you are experiencing stress, anxiety and self-doubt as to whether or not you can pass the exam, then you will experience study block. You may think that the exam is a negative thing so you put off studying for a while or you think of other things to do instead of reviewing.

To overcome your study block, you have to know what is causing it. Most study block is caused by stress and anxiety. So we have to deal with the cause and that is to get rid of stress and anxiety. Before studying you can do things that can uplift your spirits and take those stress and anxieties away. You can listen to calming music or you can work out and exercise. Regular exercise is proven to decrease stress in most people and keeps you positive for most of the day. It can also make you more alert so you won't feel sluggish and tired when studying

When you are already studying, do not force yourself to study a whole chapter or an entire lesson in one sitting. This can look daunting and difficult which can lead to procrastination and eventually study block. You can divide your studies into major parts which will look simple and organized. This way it would look a lot easier and doable.

Books and study materials can sometimes look plain and boring to study. Why not make those study materials more interesting? If you are a visual learner, you can illustrate what you are studying. You can personalize your study material so that it won't look too boring.

You can also reward yourself after finishing an hour or two of studying. Rewards are great motivators and you will strive to finish studying to get that reward.

It is important to take breaks in between studying. This is needed to recharge your mind and keep your studying stress free. It is advisable that you do not think of your study materials when taking a break. Relax for a moment and do something else. You can have a snack, watch television, talk with your friends or just walk your dog outside for half an hour. Your mind will be more relaxed and ready to study again after your break.

If having a study block is becoming a habit, you can always start your studying at an earlier time. A habitual study block is more like a passive procrastination so it is better if you start your studying sooner than usual. It would be a challenge to break this kind of habit but by forcing yourself to study sooner, you are slowly breaking this negative habit.

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Please what is a better way of studying my school work,readnews paper,read novel,read magazine, do house work and also hang out with my friend is a bit difficult please i need advice