Working and Studying at the Same Time

Working and studying at the same time entails many responsibilities for the student. It's not an easy thing to do but many students are doing this. Most of the time, the students work only part time so they can concentrate on studying. The secret to juggling the many responsibilities and tasks is time management. The students have to know the things that should be prioritized or else they won't be able to cope up. If they can't cope up, they would have to be able to give up one of the two, either quit the job or stop studying until the student has saved enough money.

It would really help if the student can make his or her own schedule or plot own calendar. This will prepare the student for the rest of the week and knows what to expect and what to prioritize. The student will have an overview for the time of studying and the time for work.

The student has to know where most of his or her time is going. If the task is taking too much of the student's time, there has to be adjustments made for the future.

Since the student is always juggling the time, assignments and homework have to be reviewed earlier. You have to cover all the bases, even small projects. Working and studying can become easier if the student always knows all the tasks that needs to be done.

During lectures, the student always has to take notes. Since the student is always engaged in different tasks throughout the day, it is almost impossible to retain every information that is given in class. The best solution is to write it all down and take notes. This will really help the student a lot.

Another way to take notes or remember things is to use a voice recorder. Even with today's advanced technology, voice recorders are still needed for situations like these.

It's essential for the students to review their notes every weekend. Doing this makes them more prepared when exam week comes along. Most working students have little time to study so reviewing lessons every weekend is really needed.

Details at work or at school are very important. The mind cannot handle all the information at the same time so the student has to use post its to aid and help them in remembering small details and tasks needed for the project at school or at work.

Some working students also have household chores to do aside from their job and schoolwork. This may be too much to handle for the student so they can delegate their house chores to their siblings or other members of the family. The student can study more effectively if he or she is not thinking about other things that can cause anxiety.

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