Writing High School Personal Essay

One of the easiest essay to write is a personal essay because you are sharing your own experience and you know how it is going to end. It can be interesting to write a personal essay because there is still a chance that you might learn some lessons on your own story and experience.

Choosing the topic for your personal essay should involve an experience that you care deeply or an unforgettable experience that readers can relate.

Always try to grab the attention of the reader on your introduction or opening paragraph. You can begin by asking a question, stating a moving anecdote or describing a situation that may be shocking and surprising. The reader should be able to relate to your introduction emotionally by using sensory details.

When narrating a personal experience that you went through, you have to really show it to your reader. There is a big difference between telling and showing, you have to show the reader what you went through by making it real and lively.

You can also give a brief background on how you ended up on that kind of situation.

You should be able to your show to your reader that you have reached a new level of understanding after you went through your unforgettable experience. This is a good way to finish your personal essay.

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